French at A1 Level



Learn from Indian and Native Teachers


    Learn from Indian and Native Teachers

      A1 Vocabulary Topics

      1. Alphabet
      2. Numbers
      3. Family Name & Given Name
      4. Residence
      5. Personal items
      6. Classroom objects
      7. Nationalities
      8. Professions
      9. Countries&Cities
      10. Hobbies
      11. Family
      12. Time
      13. Prices
      14. Weather / Climate
      15. Date
      16. Days of the week
      17. Descriptions (small, big, old, young, etc)
      18. Colours
      19. Seasons
      20. Places

      A1 Grammar Topics

      1. Personal subject pronouns
      2. Presenttense-State, Description
      3. Common verbs: be, have, do, to be called
      4. ER Verbs: to live, to work, to talk
      5. Interrogation
      6. Interrogative words:Do you,What do you
      7. Interrogative pronouns: Where, When, How much
      8. Interrogative adjectives (what)
      9. It is/ This is/ Here is
      10. Definite and Indefinite articles
      11. Demonstrative adjectives
      12. Masculine/Feminine & Singular/Plural
      13. Agreement of Adjectives (for nationalities)
      14. Negative sentences
      15. Possessive adjectives
      16. Partitive articles (of the)
      17. Impersonal ‘it’ for the weather
      18. Expressions of time (now, this morning, tomorrow)
      19. Expressions of time (days, months, seasons, year)
      20. Expressions of Place: go to / come from + a city or
      21. country; live in + a city or country
      22. There is / There are
      23. Connectors: and, or, but
      24. Past Tense
      25. Future Tense
      26. Direct/Indirect Object

      A1 Reading | Writing | Speaking | Listening

      Reading Comprehension – Can slowly read simple, short text sentence by sentence and pick out the main information.

      To write a short, simple postcard, for example holiday, Birthday Invitation etc. Can fill forms with personal details, for example entering his name, his nationality and address on a hotel registration form.

      A1 Speaking is divided into 3 Parts 1. Directed Interview
      2. Question Making
      3. Dialogue

      Can recognize words, names, and numbers previously learned when heard in a short, simple recording delivered at a slow pace.

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