Level B2 – Advance Intermediate


Learn from Indian and Native Teachers


    Learn from Indian and Native Teachers

      DELF (Diplôme d’Etudes en Langue Française) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) are authorized qualifications awarded by the French Ministry of Education to vouch for the competency of foreign/non-native candidates or candidates from overseas (outside France) in the French language.

      The DELF B2 exam consists of 4 sections evaluating the 4 language skills, namely:

      • Listening
      • Speaking
      • Reading
      • Writing

      Covered under one paper, except speaking which is usually not done at the same time along with the other sections of the exam.

      • The total duration of the DELF B2 Exam test is 1h 20min.
      • The overall pass mark is 50/100.
      • The pass mark for each section is 5/25.

      DELF B2 Listening Comprehension

      The duration of DELF B2 Listening comprehension section of the exam is 20 minutes and is of 25 marks. In it, three to four very short recordings dealing with common everyday life topics is played twice. The maximum duration of each recording is 3 minutes.

      DELF B2 Reading Comprehension

      The duration of the DELF B2 Reading Comprehension section of the exam is 30 minutes and is of 25 marks. It covers four to five written documents on everyday life.

      DELF B2 Writing Production

      The duration of this section of the exam is 20 minutes and is of 25 marks. This section consists of two parts : Part 1 covers form filing (providing personal credentials such as your name, address, marital status etc) Part 2 involves the writing on everyday topics (postcards, messages, stories etc).

      DELF B2 Speaking

      The duration of this section of the exam is about 20 minutes and is of 25 marks. Although the actual time allotted for speaking is 5 to 7 minutes.The remaining time is spent in preparation which will be given before the speaking time.

      B2 Vocabulary Topics

      1. DELF B2 Vocabulary Topics

        Based on the DELF B2 Syllabus, here’s a list of DELF B2 Vocabulary topics that you are expected to know.

        Current affairs and Social trends:
        law and order

      B2 Grammar Topics

      1. des articulateurs logiques : expression de l’hypothèse, de l’opposition, de la condition, du but, de la concession
      2. des verbes + subjonctif ou indicatif (je crois qu’il viendra, je ne crois pas qu’il vienne)
      3. des verbes + subjonctif ou infinitif (il travaille pour réussir, il travaille pour que ses enfants puissent étudier)
      4. les formes impersonnelles qui expriment différents degrés de certitude (il est certain que, il est probable que, il semble que, etc.)
      5. des verbes accompagnés de leur préposition (penser à, croire à / en, rêver de, décider de, agir sur, etc.)
      6. des adjectifs accompagnés de prépositions (être heureux de, prêt à, confiant en, remarquable par, etc.)
      7. des noms accompagnés de la préposition “de” + infinitif (avoir le courage de, la joie de, etc.)
      8. des pronoms relatifs complexes (auquel, parmi lesquels, etc.)
      9. la mise en relief (c’est…qui, c’est…pour laquelle, etc.)
      10. le passé simple
      11. le futur antérieur
      12. l’infinitif passé (avoir terminé)
      13. l’antériorité (ayant terminé son travail, il est parti)
      14. le subjonctif passé
      15. le conditionnel présent et passé : doute, incertitude
      16. la modalisation : nuances pour exprimer l’hypothèse, le doute (il est possible que, il est probable que), l’apparence, l’éventualité, l’obligation (il faudrait, tu devrais)

      B2 Reading | Writing | Speaking | Listening

      Reading comprehension / Compréhension des écrits

      You’ll be given two documents along with various questions to test your comprehension. One text will be informational, such as a news brief or an article about an aspect of francophone culture. The other will be on a controversial topic

      Writing skills / Production écrite

      You’ll be given a document such as a letter, article, or review and asked to take a stand: make and support an argument, state and justify an opinion, etc., in approximately 250 words.

      Listening comprehension / Compréhension de l’oral

      You’ll listen to two different recordings:

      Short (2-3 minutes, played once) consisting of an informational piece like an interview or news broadcast, and a multiple-choice questionnaire.
      Long (up to 8 minutes, played twice) speech, radio or TV show, documentary, etc., with multiple-choice and essay questions.

      Speaking skills / Production orale

      You’ll have 30 minutes to prepare a 10-minute oral presentation based on a short document. Then you’ll discuss your presentation with two examiners for 10 minutes.

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