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    The TCFQ (Test de Connaissance de Francais pour le Quebec) or TCF Quebec test is one of the tests that is accepted as a proof of proficiency in French language by the Quebec Visa & Immigration department.

    If you want to send in your application for the Quebec Skilled Worker program, you can take the TCFQ test. Your Quebec Immigration Consultant or Quebec Immigration Lawyer should be able to tell you what level you need to attain.

    Note: In some countries, a specific TCF Quebec test may not be available. In such cases, you can register for the regular TCF Test, and sit only for the Comprehension Orale (Listening Comprehension) and Expression Orale (Speaking) components

    The TCFQ Test (TCF for Quebec) has only 2 modules:

    listening comprehension (30 questions). Duration: 30 minutes
    speaking test (6 questions). Duration: 15 minutes

    Note: There is no reading or writing. Only listening and speaking.

    TCF for Quebec (TCFQ) examination sessions are held throughout the year. Approved TCF Test Centres are allowed to hold as many examination sessions as they wish in the last 10 days of each month. 

    You can take the TCF for Quebec (TCFQ Test) as many times as you like. There must, however, be a gap of 2 months between examination sessions. 

    Your certificate has a limited validity period. It is valid for 2 years. Your certificate will usually be available approximately 20 days after you took the TCF for Quebec. You should collect it from the test centre at which you took the TCF for Quebec examinations.

    At the same time, the CIEP will send your results to the Ministry of Immigration (MICC) in Quebec directly. You should still include your certificate in your immigration application, even if the Ministry has your results. 

    Contact your nearby Approved TCF Test Centre to get more specific information about the following: 

    • the dates of the TCFQ or TCF examination sessions 
    • the registration procedure 
    • the examination centre location
    • the examination fee