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    The TEF Canada is an obligatory test, concerning the context of economic immigration programs in which proofs of language skills are necessary, as per the rules and regulations concerning the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration to Canada.

    The TEF Canada also serves an essential and valid proof of French language proficiency level in order to obtain Canadian citizenship. For immigration to Canada, a candidate must take all of the below sections:

    There are 4 Sections in all. The duration of the exam in entirety is 2 hours and 55 minutes. An attempt in all four sections, after having secured the minimum and above markes validates the certificate/marksheet. Following are the modules/sections and their duration :

    1. Reading Comprehension

    In this, the candidate’s proficiency and answering accuracy is evaluated and the marks are awarded accordingly. The duration of this section is of 60 minutes, containing 50 questions, having 300 points.

    2. Listening Comprehension

    In this section, the candidate’s listening efficiency and comprehending skills are evaluated. The duration of this section is 40 minutes, consisting of 60 questions, awarding 360 points.

    3. Written Expression

    In this section, the examinee’s writing style, grammatical perfectibility and content aptness is evaluated. The duration of this section is 60 minutes. It consists of questions on 2 topics and the candidate is asked to write briefly on both, elaborating on the toics therein asked of. It holds 450 points.

    4. Oral Expression

    This section checks the dialogue delivery and spontaneity of the candidate. It takes upto 15 minutes per candidate. There will be 2 topics, having 450 points in all.

    • The results for the 4 skills listed above are expected by the Immigration Canada (CIC- Canadian Federal Government).
    • The minimum level required is level 7 (level B2 of the Common European Framework for Languages).

    For obtaining Canadian citizenship, the candidates must take the below sections:

    There will be 2 Sections of 55 minutes in duration:

    1. Listening Comprehension

    It is of 40 minutes, having 60 questions of 360 points.

    2. Oral Expression

    It is of 15 minutes per candidate, having 2 topics of 450 points