Want to study in Canada ?

Planning to move to Canada ?
Want to study in Canada ?
Great ! Lets tell you why Canada?

A host to nearly half a million international students, offering quality education with hands on experience, charging reasonable tuition fee with globally recognised degrees. To top that with, high quality of living standard, post-study working and immigration opportunities – Canada tops the list as a popular country to study among Indian students.

Here’s providing leading reasons why to choose Canada:

1. Academic Ranking

In the QS World University Rankings 2019, 26 of Canada’s universities are well recognised and globally acknowledged. Surprisingly enough, 27 of them are placed well in the THE World University Rankings 2019.

A Canadian degree is a hallmark of trust and excellence.

2. Research Advancement occasions

With infinite availability of favourable circumstances of research, Canadian education stands unique with its strong focus on research and development. For research scholars, there can be no country better than Canada. The government of Canada offers immense amount of assistance to research in the disciplines of medicine, telecommunication, agriculture, environmental science and technology.

3. Pocket friendly

When it comes to tuition fee, in comparison to the universities in the US and UK, is fairly cheaper. And when considering the cost-benefit ratio, it is quite a viable option for Indian students. Students can also opt for a range of scholarship programmes to minimize their educational expenses.

4. Multiculturalism

A mindset that welcomes a plurality of cultures is often said to build the nation right.
The humans of Canada are extremely warm and welcoming people, with diversity in ethnicity. A country with no record of racial discrimination and violence promotes fraternity and peaceful living like no other country. In fact, it is a home to a lot of Indians studying, working and living there. Not to forget the spirit of festivities.

5. Safety conscious

Canada is the sixth peaceful country across the globe – Global Peace Index (2018).

6. Earn even before you learn

Canada offers wide range of opportunities to all its international students to work for up to 20 hours every week during their semesters and full-time during the summer and winter breaks. Study permit is enough to help you find a part time job and no additional work permit is required.

7. Campus – full of life and colours

Live events, fests, educational workshops and other fun activities keep happening all through the year, creating a happy and lively environment for all the students, strengthening grapewine networks that help kill the homesickness away.

8. Immigration opportunities

The Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP) allows students to work in Canada for up to three years. This gives a chance to gain some international work experience and apply for permanent residency later on.

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